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In 2021, Mia and Stephen crossed paths, kindling a shared passion for dance that would lead them on a remarkable journey. Together, they have embarked on a mission to redefine the norms of the ballroom dance scene, making it more inclusive, accessible, and affordable.

Their mutual devotion to dance has become the cornerstone of their partnership, propelling them to challenge the status quo and inspire change. While they are making efforts to further their reach, their impact is deeply felt within the local dance community in Johnson City, TN.

Beyond their advocacy, Mia and Stephen are accomplished dancers who find joy in both social and competitive dance settings. Their skill, precision, and flair have earned them acclaim within local dance circles, showcasing not only their talent but also their dedication to the art form.

In their pursuit of a more inclusive dance community, Mia and Stephen established Mountain Home Ballroom, a haven for dancers in Johnson City, TN. This vibrant space serves as a hub for learning and perfecting dance skills while fostering a sense of community among its members.

Through Mountain Home Ballroom, Mia and Stephen have made significant strides in creating a welcoming environment. They have successfully cultivated a supportive local community, breaking down financial barriers to ensure a diverse range of individuals can experience the transformative power of ballroom dance.

Mia and Stephen are at the forefront of a movement to make ballroom dance more accessible and inclusive. Through their shared love for dance, they continue to inspire and uplift all who join them in their passion for the art of movement.

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Stephen began dancing once he got out of the Marine Corps in 2013. His ballroom training has taken him around the world and he is knowledgeable in every partnership dance. He would love to work with other trauma victims to share how dance has helped him heal over the years.



Mia came up training primarily in classical ballet, jazz, and contemporary, but eventually found and fell in love with partnership dancing. She is now able to utilize her classical training to further her teaching skills. After her upbringing within the dance world, she hopes to change the studio standard and make our learning environments more safe, inclusive, and accessible.

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